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Who Are We?

Whether you’re just up for the casual game of Cards Against Humanity, you’re an obsessive chess enthusiast or poker addict, here at HobbyFortress we’ve got all the information, tips and reviews that you could ever hope to find! Originally inspired by one man’s love for hobbies and games, HobbyFortress is fast growing into one of the premium hobby websites on the net. The main reason people love to read our content is as follows:

  • Simple, concise and highly readable HowTo Guides covering a wide range of different hobbies.
  • Unusual and hard to find tips and tricks for your chosen hobby
  • The most information packed and well put together reviews on the internet for a wide range of products

We’ve got you covered in all areas here at HobbyFortress and it’s our overarching goal to become a resource for you which you’ll find yourself coming back to time and time again, for our awesome information, and well just cause you like the place.

Founder of the site, Nick Earl, like many of us has been into hobbies of some kind or other since he was a little sprog and has always been either running around playing sports like soccer, table tennis, skateboarding (not something you really “play” but nonetheless…) outside, or he’d be an “indoors nerd” hitting up the Nintendo Game System, or playing chess or other board games.

What Makes HobbyFortress Different?

This site is all about adding a personalised and personality filled commentary to the world of hobbies online. We know there are other sites out there talking about poker, chess, board games, video games and all the other things that we discuss here on this site, but we’ve aimed to really bring our own unique voice to our articles, apart from just making them the most useful, witty and resource packed pages you’ll find. Without tooting our own horn(s) too much, we like to think we’ve done a pretty good job in achieving this here, and we hope that you’ll agree.

As always, we LOVE to hear from our readers, so if there’s anything you that you don’t like about the site, the way we’ve laid out our content, or you just have some great ideas to make the site even better and even more useful, then we would absolutely love to hear from you! You can either leave a comment on the piece of content directly, or in the off case that comments are turned off for that particular post, just send us a message by getting in Contact with us here.

See you around, and enjoy the site! ๐Ÿ™‚