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Stiga Legacy Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

The Stiga Legacy table is one of the most popular options for those who are looking to buy a cheapish table that still maintain’s good quality standards, and will hold up over time. This is one of the most popular “entry level” tables on the market, and baring the Stiga brand, gives it a lot of trust as one of the better options for a low budget.

In this review, we’re going to look at virtually every aspect of the table in an effort to work out whether this is a good choice for you or not. We mainly want to answer the question: “Is the Stiga Legacy the best low cost table tennis table I can buy?” or our there better options for around the same price range?

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Quick Glance Main Features
Here’s the main feature list for the Stiga Legacy, feel free to click on any of the features listed below to read up on more details about each feature (where applicable):

Stiga Legacy Basic Product Specs
Here’s an overview of the basic specs for this particular model from Stiga:

  • Table Model Name: Stiga Legacy
  • Build Materials: Wood, Steel
  • Chassis: Wooden Bottom Board
  • Surface Type: Thick Black
  • Foldable Storage Option (Y/N?): Yes
  • Ball Storage: No
  • Net Dimensions: 66 Inch
  • Table Top Thickness: 1/2 Inch
  • Apron Thickness: 1-1/2″
  • Legs Thickness: 1-1/4″
  • Wheel Dimensions: 2″
  • Storage Position Dimensions: 60-inch D: 28-inch H: 74-inch.
  • Play Position: 108 Inches Length x 60 Inches Width x 30 Inches Height
  • Playback Position: W: 60-inch D: 71-inch H: 74-inch
  • Coating: 1/2 Inch Thick Black
  • Assembly: Standard
Model Pros Vs Cons


  • Very Affordably Priced
  • Good Storage Capability
  • Stiga Brand Quality Table Surface Finish


  • Relatively Flimsy Build/Design
  • Fairly Flimsy Quality With Included Net System

A Closer Look At The Stiga Legacy’s Main Features
1/2 Inch Thick Black Top Finish

Unlike many similar models, the Legacy comes finished with a thick black surface finish, instead of the deep blue finish that we’re so used to seeing.

Equipped With 66 Inch Net/Post Set

Net post setup included, which features a cheaper Velcro tension adjustment system. This is to be expected on an entry level from Stiga, but it’s a positive that they included the net setup with the table.

Foldable For Self Practice

This is really a must for any table, and probably even more so the entry level where quite often you want to be able to fold up the table into “self play” mode and play with yourself.. (practice).

Bright Yellow Safety Corner Pads

Important for a table which is primarily going to be for kids and amateurs, the soft plastic and highly visible yellow safety corner pads on each corner of the table will make it easier to keep out of harms way and avoid getting nasty bumps running into the corners.

Easy Fold Up Storage

Simply pull a lever under each half of the table and pull the section up and outwards and the table folds into itself as one piece with the wheels allowing for good mobility and movement into storage.

Rubber Capped 1 1/4 Inch Steel Legs

The legs are built from 1.75 Inch steel, and though not the thickest choice by any means, will probably do for an entry level table provided you treat the table with care, and don’t let it be pushed around too much.

Portable And Easy Store Design With Table Leg Wheels

As you’d expect, the table comes with wheels built onto the bottom of it’s 4 center legs. This means when folded up into storage position, you can roll it easily into a closet or wherever you choose to store your table.


Feedback From Customers Who Bought The Legacy

At the time of writing, the Stiga Legacy has a total of 54 reviews, with an overall rating of 2.8/5 stars. This suggests mixed feedback for this particular model from Stiga, with some buyers loving it and thinking it’s great value for money, and then on the polar opposite of that, there were people who purchased the table, and found it to be lacking in different ways, and not worth the money. It has just 22% 5/5 star reviews, and 17% 4/5 star reviews, with the rest either being neutral at 3/5 stars, or negative. So this is not an overly optimistic rating in terms of feedback. Let’s have a closer look at the positive and negative feedback for this table here:

Positive Feedback

Multiple people mention that they find the Legacy to be well constructed and a sturdy in terms of build quality, which is an important factor for any ping pong table. The other thing that several reviewers commented on was that this table was easy to store away when not being used. Buyers also have commented that this table has a good playing surface, and there’s a good quality of “bounce” when playing.

Negative Feedback

One of the main gripes that was common amongst buyers post purchase with this table is the lack of good instructions and the difficulty with the assembly process in general. This is by far the most commonly raised issue with the table. Another common complaint about this table was that it’s relatively flimsy in build (which is interesting seeing as on the opposite end of the scale some reviewers said the opposite to be true). Some reviewers said that they experienced warping of the main table surface over time, possibly being attributed to the 1/2 inch thickness.

Apart from these specific comments about the table, there’s quite a few reviews from people just generally terribly unimpressed with this table. Several people had issues with this table basically collapsing, warping or splitting very soon after they bought it, and there’s a lot of people who just generally thought the table was “junk” and regretted buying it. This is not a great sign at all for the Stiga Legacy, and although there’s always going to be some level of “bad personal experience” there seems to be a rather large amount of negative feedback for this table, and it’s a little worrying as a prospective buyer.

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Are There Any Problems With The Legacy Model?

This table is an okay option for those looking for an entry level ping pong/table tennis table, but it’s really about the least you’re probably going to want to spend. The main problem with this table is it’s fairly unsubstantial frame build and table top thickness. This means that you’re going to have to really look after this table and keep it protected from any elemental damage, and from being banged up against (for example think of kids running around and accidentally pushing the table, etc). This table will be fine for some, and is totally okay if good durability is not too much of a concern. For example the table will probably be really ideal for the young professional who has their own place, and simply wants a table to practice on (using the playback position), and to have the occasional game on with friends.

Overall, durability and build quality is the main issue that we’re looking at here, and if for the reasons mentioned in more detail above, you think this will be a problem for your personal requirements of the table, then we’d suggest looking at something a little more robust.

The Best Places To Purchase The Stiga Legacy Online

Buying a table tennis table is a big purchase, not just in size, but also in terms of an investment, despite whether you’re going for a lower/mid range table, or one of the really professional setups, you’re still thinking of spending somewhere in the several hundreds to several thousands of dollars range. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that if you’re looking to buy online, you have a couple of must haves in place before choosing your online supplier.

The 2 most important things to make sure of when buying a table tennis table online, are;

  1. Buyer Security and Safety – When making any purchase online, you want to ensure that you’re purchase is safe, so that your personal and payment details will not somehow get into the wrong hands. This is even more the case when a big purchase such as buying a table.
  2. Excellent pre and post Sales Customer Support – One of the worst experiences in online shopping comes when you have already made a purchase, and you discover that the company you’ve ordered with are not as sound as you originally thought. For this reason, it’s important to choose an online distributor that’s going to be able to give you top class support all the way through the buying process, from making your decision, to after sales support.

It’s for these 2 reasons that we believe choosing Amazon is one of the best choices you could make for your online purchase, they are literally the largest eCommerce website in the world, and for this reason have excellent buyer security and customer service. Click on the below link to see the current pricing for the Legacy Table Tennis Table on Amazon:

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Videos Of The Stiga Legacy

To help give you a further idea of how the Legacy will look and feel in your home, here’s some video footage of the table from Stiga themselves:

Image Gallery
Common Questions About This Model

Here are some of the most common questions that people had about the Legacy pre purchase:

Does the table come with a net, or do I have to get that separately?

It includes a 66 inch net and post set with the table. The net again, similarly to the table, is an entry level model. If you want a superior net that’s a suitable net for the Legacy, one such option is the Stiga Premium 72 Inch “Clippa” model, which you can find here on Amazon:


Can I use this as a normal table when not being used for table tennis?

Well you can, but it’s not a great idea, as this table is light, and plus it’s specifically designed for playing table tennis. You”d be much better off to have a separate table ready for other purposes rather than using this and damaging it.

Is this a 2 piece table?

Yes, it’s 2 piece, and not a 4 piece table like some of the other models. That being said, in terms of the setup time, it’s a little more of a lengthy process than some of the other models, like the InstaPlay which comes ready to go out of the box (you simply have to snap it into play position).

How hard is the assembly process for the Legacy?

Although it’s hard to find any direct instructions on the setup of this table, it seems from the feedback that it could have been made easier by improvements to the setup manual.

How much does this table weigh?

The Stiga Legacy  weighs in at 150 pounds (or roughly 68 KG). It’s a relatively light table compared to other models.

Is this table weather proof, will it cope with being on the porch?

It’s not really advisable for any table tennis table to be stored exposed to the weather, and especially not with a more flimsy build such as the Legacy, which is really more of an entry level design and build.

Does this table fold up with one half upright, so one can practice against themselves?

Yes it does indeed. The table is fold-able into both “playback” mode as it’s called, and also for storage.

What about a Warranty, am I covered if something goes wrong?

From what we can see, at least right now at the time of writing, there is no such warranty for this model. This is rather strange, but I guess it’s due to the low purchase cost and the fact that the Legacy is really an entry level table in every way. If you want to get something with a warranty then you might have to be willing to invest into a more “serious” model, and that’s going to cost a bit more.

Conclusion – Is The Stiga Legacy Worth Buying?

As far as a low cost quality brand table goes, the Stiga Legacy Indoor table will be a great option for those reading who are looking for a cheap option, and aren’t planning on delivering a real beating to the table in terms of usage frequency and how much of a beating they are expecting this model to be able to take. This is a great table for amateurs looking to be able to play the occasional game, but it does have its flaws.

We suggest this table for people who want to have a leisurely game with their friends or family maybe a couple of times a week. For those of you looking for something that’s really going to be able to handle lots of use, and be durable over time, then you might want to look at some of the other slightly higher cost models, as generally paying a bit more upfront will mean you’ll get a far more stocky frame, and their for higher durability table.

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