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Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector’s Box Edition

With the up and coming release date for the HUGELY awaited Red Dead Redemption sequel not too far away, being just 2 and a half months away now, those of you who are die hard fans will be very interested in the idea of going beyond the norm and purchasing the Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector’s Box Edition, which features some collectable items that any die hard Red Dead fan would love to be able to hold onto. As you are probably aware already though, the collectors box edition does not actually include the game, so be aware when you’re buying it that you’ll still need to have that extra $100-ish handy for the actual game when it comes out on October 26th.

So what does the Red Dead Redemption 2 Collector’s Box Edition include then? Let’s have a look here:

  • 12 Cigarette Cards – These illustrated “cigarette cards’ are found sprawled throughout the map of Red Dead 2, and this physical card collection includes one card from each different set. For example the Stars of the Stage and the Famous Gunslingers and Outlaws.
  • Individualised Pin Set – A set of 6 pins that represent various different weapons found in Red Dead Redemption 2. This includes a revolver, and shotgun, and other weapons. This set of pins also comes in a “canvas” carrying bag for added novelty.
  • Metal Tithing Box Including Lock and Key – This metal box is one of the main features of the collectors set, as seen in the image pictured above. Apparently this box was inspired by the Van der Linde gang, and was used to stash various items related to the upkeep of the camp. It includes an engraved Cornwall Freight and a Commodities plaque made of black metal band detailing. The box certainly looks like it was pulled directly out of the game, and is probably one of the best items in this collectors package.
  • Double Sided Puzzle – This cool addition to the collectors box is a 100 piece double sided puzzle of different images related to Red Dead 2. On one side of the puzzle is the popular map location within the game – the busy port of Saint Denis. On the reverse side of the puzzle, you’ll find the RockStar Games logo. After all, when is it not a great opportunity to further market your brand?
  • Deck Of Collector Playing Cards – One of our favourite features in the first Red Dead game was the ability to play poker and other card games within the game. This collectors deck features key members of the Van der Linde gang and includes illustrated cards featuring members of the gang such as Javier Escuella, Arthur Morgan, and John Marston.
  • 6 Shooter Bandana – Presumably made from cotton, this bandana will be a fun item for collectors to try on themselves, and pretend they are the lead character Arthur Morgan.
  • The Wheeler Rawson and Co. Catalogue – This is a real life version of the game catalogue that can be found in various stores throughout the Red Dead II map. This catalogue includes pretty much every item of importance in the game, and for that reason is a HUGE asset to have, and even cooler when you have the physical copy 😉
  • Treasure Map – Apparently this treasure map is printed on paper which cannot be torn or ripped. So this durable version of the in game map, provides a great collectors item to the overall kit, and reveals the locations of some buried treasure which you might not be able to discover without it.
  • Collectable Challenge Coin – Last but by any means not least, is this very much traditional collectors item of a collectable coin. With the iconic American Buffalo on one of its sides, and a scenic landscape from the world of Red Dead II on the other, this engraved and gold coloured coin is kept in a magnetic protective display casing for safe keeping.

Source – EB Games

So as you can see, this collectors box is really a great addition for any gamer who LOVES Red Dead, and not only can’t wait for the release date (neither can we by the way), but wants to get a “collectors edge” over the other die hard Red Dead fans out there. Just remember that you don’t actually get the game with this collectors box, it’s an accessory, and that it’s limited to one per person. We don’t know if there’s a limit in terms of overall collectors boxes available, but if you really want to get it, best to get in fast.

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Where To Buy, and Pricing?

So if you’re interested in this cool collectors box for Read Dead 2, where can you buy it, and how much should you expect to pay? If you’re in the USA, then you might want to try GameStop, where they have this listing of the collectors box for around $100 USD.

For those of you reading in the UK, then you might want to try game.co.uk. They have a lot of stores all over the UK, and currently they list the collectors box for Red Dead II for £179 and this seems to include the game too in its Ultimate Edition. Check it out here.

For those of you, who like myself, reside in Australia, then EBGames is always a good choice for this kind of stuff, they currently have the collectors box listed on their website for $159 AUD here. Alternatively you can just go into a local store if you have one nearby.

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And to finish up, here’s some sweet in-game images of this up and coming marvel’s beautiful scenery. We can’t wait till it hits the shelves!

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