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Poker Star Focus – Dzmitry Urbanovich

Dzmitry Urbanovich has to be one of my favourite poker players of the modern poker scene. Just check out this sick hand in the video above.

By the way, it’s probably helpful to understand the context of this hand. Urbanovich had been playing very aggressively, re-raising, check raising, etc often, and quite often the plays he was making were bluffs and not value bets. So you can understand why Igor Kurganov was still calling him down. It’s a great final table, and I highly recommend you watch it if you’re a poker fan like myself, you can view the whole video here:

Or if you want to watch it on YouTube, here’s the link.

Kurganov is another great European player, and the dynamics at that final table were excellent to watch. In the end, one of the very well seasoned (and well known) Pros took the tournament down. I won’t mention who that was specifically just in case you want to watch the whole thing and don’t want a spoiler…

It’s also always great to watch the young German professional Fedor Holz, who’s got to be one of the best players in the world in my mind, and until more recently was probably better known for his online tag “CrownUpGuy”. He’s also done “okay” from poker, with TheHendonMob’s database listing his current poker earnings at the time of writing as so far reaching just shy of $27M!! He’s another exciting and imaginative player, and that’s why this final table was such a joy to watch.

I hope you enjoy watching it, and I’ll be sure to be sharing other great final tables to watch here, as it’s one of the best ways I find to get motivated to play like a champion, and also work on my table manner, tells and body language, and poker etiquette, etc (which has some way to go, lol) to be as professional as these guys.

About the Author Nick.E

I consider myself a pretty regular dude, a dude who LOVES his hobbies... Aside from just being darn fun, hobbies have literally kept me going during times of my life that were challenging. I've always found the relatively harmless escape of video games, chess, other commonly played board games and more recently poker, to be an excellent way to spend my time. I hoped you enjoyed my content, and please stop back anytime :)

  • Gaston Danterre says:

    It is an amazing poker definition!! I think that for people that enjoy poker it is a pleasure to watch such a good players, and the strategy their use. Thanks Nick for sharing your passion about poker and games. Cheers

  • Kurt says:

    Very interesting site! I Also love my hobbies including Poker and this is great site to see and feel the rush of getting excited about your passions. This is a very interesting poker hand, and your insight makes me see into the mindset of both players in the hand Every hand in poker is a learning curve as different players play hands there own way, I definitely see why he called all the way thinking he had best hand river, LOVE IT Kept up these very interesting mentally played out hands!!

  • jeno says:

    Man what a hand!! 27 mil something to aspire to 😉 Wonder what Kurganov is at?

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