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Ping Pong Conversion Tops – Everything You Need To Know

In this article we’re going to look at everything ping pong table tops… Instead of having to buy a dedicated table tennis/ping pong table, table tops allow you to convert an existing table into a table tennis table, saving money, and space.

Before we dig into this beefy info packed piece, let’s break it down with this rather helpful and handy links menu, so if you’re looking for a certain bit of information on ping pong table tops, for example, the best pool table converter tops, then you can easily skip ahead to your area of interest:

An Introduction Into The Option Of A Ping Pong Table Top

There’s tonnes of options if you want to get a table tennis setup in your home or outdoors, without actually buying a dedicated table tennis table. The advantages of this kind of setup, are that you can save money, space, and make use of your existing space. There’s a few key things you need to know about table tennis table tops before you look at making a decision, so let’s explore those here.

What Are They Made From?

Generally speaking you’ll find that most of these ping pong table tops are made from either a wood laminate, or what’s commonly referred to as MDF (medium density fibreboard) which is a type of synthetic engineered wood composite. MDF is generally made from hard wood and softwood being broken up into tiny fragments, and then compressed together to make a solid product. It’s also combined with wax, and usually some kind of resin binder, and this is done at very high temperatures and pressures to create a strong material which is very multi-purpose.

How Do They Stay Stable On The Top Of Your Existing Table?

So obviously the ping pong table top sits on the top of your existing pool table, billiards table or regular table. How does this table top stay centred and correctly placed on the table without moving though? This is obviously a pretty important piece of the puzzle, otherwise the thing is going to be moving around everywhere and make for a crappy solution and bad table tennis.

Well generally speaking, most one piece ping pong table tops are going to be heavy enough to simply sit on top of another already existing table, and the weight itself is going to act as enough downward force to stop the table moving at all from side to side. Most ping pong table tops are fairly heavy, weighing usually somewhere between 85 and 150 pounds (40-60 KG). Often there’s also a clamp system to ensure that the table top stays firm on the top of your existing table.

Also just in case you’re concerned, nearly if not all of these table tennis table tops have a padding or foam setup underneath the table, so that your original “base table” is protected from any movement and friction.

The Different Types Of Ping Pong Table Tops

Here’s you have the various options for setting up a table with a ping pong top, largely dependent on what kind of table you’re hoping to convert into a temporary or full time ping pong table.

– Ping Pong Table Tops For Pool Tables

There are several options if you’re looking to use your pool table as the base for your temporary ping pong table. Let’s have a look at a few of those options here…

Some of the pool table ping pong table tops are specifically meant for pool tables, whilst others are simply titled as such but will be fine to use on any type of table (most likely for marketing and sales purposes).

Here’s some of the available models we dug up for you to compare.

Miscellaneous Brand Ping Pong Conversion Top

This is titled on Amazon.com as the “Conversion Ping Pong Table Tennis Top for Pool Table” but doesn’t seem to have a model name or number, and it’s unclear who actually manufactures this product.

The Amazon seller is “Happy Fun Balls” and from first impressions this could be any miscellaneous manufacturer in China or from a similarly low cost manufacturing location. So this table top definitely does not have the advantage of being from a popular brand, quite the opposite really. That being said, it’s pretty cheap, and almost the cheapest conversion table top you’ll find.

So this is not your best high end selection of table tennis top conversion option, but it might be just what you’re after if you simply want a cheap selection.


  • Not Overly Expensive
  • High Quality Build
  • Regulation Size
  • Will Work For Most Flat Tables
  • Good Looking Black Finish


  • Very Heavy & Not Very Mobile
  • Cumbersome To Setup
  • Somewhat “Unknown” Brand

Customer Feedback

The customer feedback for this ping pong top was pretty good, based on the Amazon.com reviews. Overall 86% of people who bought this table top had a positive experience and gave the table either 4/5 or 5/5 stars. Mind you, this is only from a small pool of buyers (7 at the time of writing) and therefore it should definitely be noted that this is not a large amount of data to really get a good idea of whether this feedback is fair to the product or not.

Among the specific customer feedback, several people mentioned that they found the table top to be of a high quality build, and that it was well made from quality components. People were also really happy with how relatively easy this was to setup and get to playing on delivery.

The common thread on the “negative feedback” was related to the table tops clunky and heavy design, which made it annoying and frustrating for those who needed to move it around a lot (for example people who wanted to swap playing table tennis or pool on the same table). The difficulty in moving this table top slightly goes against the whole purpose of it being easy to change from say Pool to Ping Pong, but it’s something that could be worked around depending on your situation.

Overall this table looks promising at a lower entry level price point, but with not a lot of data behind it in terms of user feedback, it’s a bit more of a risk than some of the other options.

Martin Kilpatrick Conversion Table Tennis Top for Pool Table

This table top is from Martin Kilpatrick a somewhat well known brand in the Table Tennis marketplace, and manufacturers of not only table tops, but balls, paddles and other accessories.

This table top is a little more pricey, but has the advantage that it’s from a reputable company in the ping pong world, and also has a tonne more reviews and customer feedback than the previous table top we mentioned. We’ll get to that more specifically in a second, but here’s the pros and cons for this particular ping pong top:


  • 3 Year Warranty Included
  • Quality Build
  • Loads Of Positive Feedback
  • Foam Pads To Give Protect Under Table


  • A Bit More Expensive Than Other Options
  • A Bit Heavy For Easily Swapping From Pool To Ping Pong

Customer Feedback

With a whopping 86% of buyers on Amazon.com rating this ping pong table top either 4/5 or 5/5 stars, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive for this model from the MK brand. Amongst the positive feedback, many people who purchased this table found the build quality and parts to be excellent quality and heavy duty, being able to handle being moved around a bit and kept in storage some of the time (presuming you’re going to be using your pool table or other table some of the time).

The negative feedback was largely from people who had a negative experience either with the shipping of the product, or it arrived with damaged parts or very easily got damaged (for example one customer found the paint finish on the top of the table top peeled off when they peeled off the protective plastic layering that’s put their for shipping purposes).

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This is obviously quite often down to luck unfortunately, and we’ve found that almost every product has some bad reviews to this kind of thing occurring. It’s the frequency of how often these issues happen with a product that usually determine whether or not it’s an actual design/build issue or it’s down to random bad luck for some customers.

This table looks like a solid option for anyone wanting to convert their pool table into a ping pong table, and the large amount of positive feedback from previous buyers speaks volumes for the table tops quality and effectiveness as a conversion option.

Harvil Table Tennis Conversion Top

This dense fibrewood build ping pong table top from Harvil has received excellent feedback despite not being the most popular table top on offer (like the MK model above). It includes EVA foam padding on the bottom, so as to protect your under table from damage. It comes with a net setup, so all you will need to provide apart from the under table, are balls and paddles, and someone to play against of course. Let’s look at the Pros vs Cons of this particular table top from Harvil.


  • Included Warranty (90 Days To Try Without Risk)
  • Free Shipping Available
  • Quality Blue Table Top Finish
  • Has EVA Padding For Protecting Your Original Table
  • Moderately Priced


  • Rather Small Feedback Data Pool
  • Reasonably Heavy

Customer Feedback

At the time of writing, as we stated in the cons, there’s not a huge amount of available customer feedback on this particular item. On Amazon.com the Harvil has just 13 reviews. The positive thing is that nearly all of those reviewers gave this table top a 5/5 star rating, with just one person rating it 4/5 stars. This is obviously a fantastic ratio of positive over negative feedback for this table top.

Most of the people who bought this table thought that the build quality was excellent and that the table was heavy duty enough to last for years, and withstand being moved around a bit.

So it seems that for the relative entry level pricing, this is another great option, while it doesn’t have the feedback of the Martin Kilpatrick model.

– Outdoor Ping Pong Table Tops

If you don’t have much space for your ping pong inside the house, or simply prefer to be out in the sunshine while you play, then you’ll be interested to see the various options ping pong table tops that are tough enough to withstand the outside elements to some degree.

A lot of the table tops that are marketed as “pool table ping pong table tops” are actually able to also be used on outdoor tables, and will be okay to some degree with exposure to the elements. For example the table from “Happy Fun Balls” above that we looked at, is also labelled as an “outdoor” table top.

Apart from that one, at the time of writing, we cannot find any specifically designed table tennis conversion tops designed for the outdoors. You might be interested in an outdoor table tennis table that IS specifically designed for outdoors storage and use, such as the Stiga XTR outdoor table.

DIY Ping Pong Table Top Ideas

If you don’t want to spend much money, and are the type who enjoys DIY type projects, then turning an existing table into your own ping pong table can be an excellent idea. There’s tonnes of free guides on the internet, such as this one, which can show you how to use rather cheap materials in order to create a pretty nice looking DIY table tennis table.

Which Ping Pong Table Top Should You Choose?

Deciding which Ping Pong table top to go with is largely going to depend on if you already have a pool table, etc. The DIY route as mentioned is great for those that love creating their own stuff with the bonus of saving money, but for many will be too much of a pain to bother with.

With that said, generally table tennis table tops aren’t really that expensive, so if you’re not trying to save on the pennies, then your best bet is probably going to be either your standard ping pong table top that’s just flat and will go on any large enough flat surface without too much drama. If you have a pool table, then obviously something like the Martin Kilpatrick Conversion Table Tennis Top will probably be ideal for you.

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