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Is PokerGo Worth The Money?

As a MASSIVE poker fan, with the WSOP main just being aired recently, I signed up to PokerGo (AKA Poker Central) in order to be able to watch it, as I didn’t want to have to wait for ages to see it on YouTube or whatever. In this quick post I’m going to talk about this membership, what you get with it, and whether or not I think it’s worth the money…

What Is It?

PokerGo is one of the the most popular paid poker viewing websites (and available apps). Although as you’re probably aware there’s a TONNE of free online poker video available (more than you’d ever be able to watch in several lifetimes), for example on YouTube. The reason that people are willing to subscribe to a paid poker viewing membership is that PokerGo offers a few different features that you won’t easily find online without a lot of hassle. So let’s look at what’s available in the members area and then whether or not (at least in my opinion) It’s worth the money.

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What You Get?

The PokerGo members area is broken up into the “Live Events” and “On Demand” sections. The Live Events is obviously what it sounds like, and gives you a schedule of both soon to be aired events, and currently aired tournys, etc.

In the Live Events section for example right now as I write this, there’s the Poker Masters 2018 tournament coming up. Now this is one of the additional things that I like about PokerGo, I find out about events that (and get to watch them) that I would probably otherwise not been aware of, because as much as I’m into my poker, I don’t constantly go out and look for all the cool tournaments coming up that I might like to watch. PokerGo means I don’t really have to think about this stuff, as it’s going to show me what’s upcoming very easily.

The “On Demand” section is really packed and you have the option to choose from the following different sub-menus:

  • Event Replays
  • Featured
  • Highlights
  • Originals
  • The Vault

These are all pretty much self explanatory in terms of what they contain, apart from the Vault, which is basically an archive of sorts of past killer tourneys that you might want to rewatch.

The Good

Well I think rather obviously, the best thing about having a subscription to PokerGo is that you have access to a LOT of poker that you would otherwise find difficult (and would most likely be through illegal and dodgy channels, especially if you’re getting hold of it early). For example, watching the WSOP main and other events on PokerGo means that you can watch them right from the start.

Apart from that rather obvious benefit, I like that they have some additional value added to the members area, via the documentary type content, and things that you’ll quite often barely have heard of such as the “Originals” which showcases different original series’ like one called “Hand Histories” with Daniel Negreanu (Aka Kid Poker) and other famous players, where you get an insight into some of their plays.

You also have “The Vault” which allows you to watch a lot of the old tournys, like the several years of WSOP main replays, etc. These may be able to be found online free by this time, but it’s nice to have them all neatly in one place, and for $10 a month (assuming you pay monthly and not annually), does add somewhat to the value of the subscription.

The Not So Great

The one annoying thing that I have been displeased with so far during the time I’ve been subscribed as a member to PokerGo is the fact that SOME of the content is missing. When I say SOME, I should probably clarify that this was only really part or the WSOP main event footage, which otherwise they covered very well. This seems to be an issue of who owns the rights to airing the footage, and it seems that in my country at least (Australia) ESPN owns the rights to air this content first, and for it to ALL be available on PokerGo, we have to wait about a month…

When I first discovered this, I was a bit pissed, because that’s the main reason that I signed up as a member initially. I even contacted support, and got this email back (Might be helpful to show you my experience with their customer support when dealing with annoyances):

Amanda replied:

Hi Nick,

Coverage of the final table of the main event of the WSOP and One Drop depends on your location. ESPN has exclusive rights to those events. If you live in an area that has ESPN or an affiliate, then that is where you will find coverage. You can check for your region here:



All events that are in a blackout region will be available on PokerGO when the restriction is lifted approximately 30 days after the event originally aired.

PokerGo Customer Service

Despite being really put off by this at first, after with the membership a month or 2 I found that the  value is pretty good, and there’s a bunch of stuff available and other cool reasons for me to be willing to pay the small $10 ish per month for the subscription fee. Apart from that, there’s not much else that I can really moan about with PokerGo.

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Is It Worth The Money?

Basically I would say yes, as long as you don’t consider yourself struggling financially. I think for $10 a month with the monthly payment plan, it’s a great service, and packs a lot of value for the money. I signed up initially just to watch the Main event, but now I think I’ll stick with it, as I love watching poker for my own learning of the game, and just for the sheer entertainment value. Sure I can watch stuff free on YT, but as I said, there’s a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t know about and wouldn’t be able to watch on the free channels. So to me it’s worth the small price you pay.

Other Points Of Interest

PokerGo Promo Codes & Free 30 Day Trial

Apparently it’s possible to find a promo code. I’m not sure if this is the case, and am waiting to hear back from PokerGo on this at the moment and will update this section for you if I find there is. There is definitely a free trial with the subscription, as when I first signed up I got the first week for free. As of the time of writing this, the trial offer remains the same at 7 days, and you can find out about it here.

The PokerGo Smart Phone App

If you want to watch your poker on the go, for example while travelling, then this is certainly a handy feature to include with the PokerGo membership. I personally just watch poker at home where I can enjoy it on my big screen TV, but I totally get that a lot of  people commute to work or college, etc, so in that case it’s going to be an excellent addition. It’s available on both the Apple and Android Play marketplaces, you just have to search for it and download it. The app is free, but of course you’ll need an account to login to. Really, it’s just another way to watch more poker!

PokerGo (Poker Central) On Xbox One & PlayStation

There is already an Xbox One App out for PokerGo (actually it’s called Poker Central, but they are the same thing just different branding). There will soon apparently be a PlayStation 4 App for PokerGo/Poker Central too. These console based apps basically mean that instead of having to plugin your computer/laptop to your television, you are able to sign into your Poker Central/PokerGo account via your Xbox or PlayStation directly.

Other Available Channels

Apart from Xbox One and soon to be PlayStation 4, you can also currently find PokerGo apps on the following channels (and there’s probably going to be more being added to the list):

  • tvOS
  • Amazon Fire
  • Android TV
  • Roku

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Common Questions About PokerGo

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