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Fedor Holz Net Worth – What’s He Worth In 2018?

It’s no secret amongst us poker enthusiasts that Germany’s most famous young poker talent Fedor Holz is one of the highest earning poker players to date, having set the record in 2016 for highest earner, which was only just recently beaten by Justin Bonomo this year (who’s already way surpassed Fedor’s record and it’s barely three quarters into the year yet as I write this).

According to Fedor’s profile on thehendonmob.com (arguably the best resource of poker player profiles, earnings, and tournament performances online), at the time of writing he’s known to have amassed a cheeky $32.5M + live total earnings, with his best cash live being quoted as $6M!! He is currently 4th on the all time money list as well.

This doesn’t even account for his online earnings by the way (he’s known as “CrownUpGuy”, which is his gamer tag in the online poker universe) which would also be astronomically high considering how well he’s done grinding in cyberspace.

He currently also ranks as the following on various international all time money lists, and other ranking lists:

  • Best rank on all time money list – 4th (current)
  • Germany’s all time money list – 1st
  • Global Poker Index Ranking – 258th
  • Popularity Ranking (probably a thehendonmob.com specific stat) – 3rd

What About Holz’ Net Worth?

Well whilst I wasn’t able to dig up anything on Fedor’s specific Net Worth (I think we’d be hard pressed to get that concrete information online), as you can easily guess from how much he’s made already as a professional poker player both online and offline, his net worth is likely to be somewhere close if not within the 9 figures, especially when we look at his business prowess and acclimatisation to that particular world thus far.

Fedor’s More Recent Pursuits Away From Poker

The now 25 year old (born in 1993) has in the last couple of years put his poker playing on the back burner, preferring to spend more of his talent and focus on his business ventures, primarily being involved with an “incubator” of sorts in Vienna, Austria, his place of residence. The name of his business is Primed Group, which he founded back in January 2017, with the core business being funding incubation and investment into new businesses.

He is also the CEO of a related company Primed Mind, which is involved with the area of mindset coaching via elements of hypnotherapy, meditation, and life coaching. Primed Mind is available as a downloadable App on both Itunes and Google Play marketplaces.

At just 25 Fedor Holz has already created a lot of value for people, and it seems this young German is set for an extraordinary life in whatever he gets involved with (first poker, now business). When asked why he started focusing on business more and leaving poker on the back burner, he mentioned that to him he really values the building of relationships and connections that he’s got from poker, and his new found love of business is a way for him to connect with that same energy and build relationships in a positive way with others to help the world.

What’s Next?

It’s no doubt that Holz success has only just begun, and if he can bring the same intelligent, innocent and positive attitude that he’s known for in professional poker to his other chosen pursuits then it’s very likely we’ll see some even bigger things from this remarkable young man. If you’re interested in some of the other rising young stars in the poker world, then Dzmitry Urbanovich is certainly another one to watch (check out the link to watch a sick hand he plays in against Igor Kurganov in the EPT).

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