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Ali Imsirovic – The Poker Masters 2018 Young Champion

Ali Imsirovic has become the youngest player so far to win the coveted Poker Masters Purple Jacket. After getting knocked out in fairly brutal fashion facing a couple of coolers, it was left to Brandon Adams to make it at least to 3rd place in order to beat Imsirovic on points and take down the jacket…

In final event # 7 pf the Poker Masters – the $100K buyin closing tournament – only 3 players had a chance at taking home the Purple Jacket at the start, and they were Isaac Haxton, Brandon Adams, and of course Ali Imsirovic.

Before going into the 100K buyin event, the points standings looked like this:

  1. Ali Imsirovic – 660 Points
  2. Brandon Adams – 510 Points
  3. Isaac Haxton – 480 Points

With Isacc Haxton busting out before Imsirovic, once Ali was knocked out in XX place, it was only Adams who could climb above him, and in order to do that he needed to get at least 3rd place in order to rise above Imsirovic in terms of points.

As he says in the brief below interview on his feelings about winning, he’d basically been watching the 100K buyin non stop while grabbing a bite to eat with a friend after being knocked out, and he said referring to Adams being knocked out in 7th place who had been on a short stack for some time now:

Once he busted, I basically just like cried for like a little bit…

He was evidently shell shocked… and could barely believe it at the time. Not only did the kid take down 2 x 1st place cashes amongst 31 of the very best in the world, but he won the coveted jacked!

–  Video Courtesy of Poker Central

This is obviously an amazing achievement at such a young age, and has launched Imsirovic into poker world fame almost instantly. This is not to say that the 23 year old has not already done well on the poker scene, with total live earnings of just north of $2.4M, he’s already amassed quite a successful portfolio of wins on the tournament scene, and has also done very well online with

Although the Poker Masters tournament is still in its relative infancy, this doesn’t belittle the amazing achievement of winning at just 23 years old, and it’s quite likely that Ali’s record as the youngest winner of this tournament can hold for quite some time, as the amount of players of his age buying into such high stakes tournaments is somewhat limited.

His success is gaining the same kind of rhythm as young Fedor Holz, who’s now moved away from full time poker to pursue business. Obviously poker is a game that’s constantly sprouting new young talent, and it will be exciting to see who the next young players able to enter the Poker Masters tournament will be.

For now Imsirovic holds a rare and powerful position as one of the more successful super young players out there. So keep an eye out for him at more tournaments, as I’m sure he’ll be putting those wins to good use and getting his name out even further in the months and years to come.

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